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houes captain

my name is boyd i,am10 year happy joyful funny good maths so i can cont up the houes tocns

house captain

i think you should vote for me as hose captain because i an a good role model i am a good sports man and a good person to look up for as house captain because i am fast and good at football (play for Westbromwich Albion )

Turrets, Towers and Tunnels!

Our topic this term is Turrets, Towers and Tunnels, who can amaze me with a fascinating fact?

Ann Boleyn

I think that Ann Boleyn, is guilty because it was right for Henry the eight to chop off her head.  

Ann Boleyn was executed on false charges of witchcraft and  conspiracy against the king.


Anne Boleyn - Guilty or not guilty?

We've learnt a lot about Anne Boleyn this week!


You've all had lots to say in lessons about whether or not Anne was guilty and whether she deserved to die so lets have a debate!


What are your thoughts? Do you think she was set up by her enemies and not given a fair trial? Or do you think the evidence is stacked against her?


Post your views below with some evidence for your thinking!


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