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What is chrismas about

Christmas to me is celebrating baby Jesus being born.

Spurs are my team!

One, two, three, four,

Hope we get goals galore

Spurs, spurs come on spurs ,

Top of the league, please be first!



By Noah Brady

Football Training

I  scored  my  seventh  goal  of  the  season  today  and  I  was  second  in  the  penalty  shootout.  I  played  very  well  because  I  scored  a  goal .  It's  the  best  feeling  when  you score!

See you soon.


House Captain

Hello, my name is Riley i think i'm great to be the house captain because i'm reliable and never forget things. I would happily come out of class to help out with counting house points and stuff like that. i think i would be good at that because i'm quite good at maths so it will be easy to add them up. I am also a good role model.


My name is Riley Newis please vote for me!

House Captain

Hello Tamworth!


My name is Tyrone; I'm here today to explain why I'd be fit for being your house team captain. I'm good at maths and I'll easily be able to count our tokens properly without a single issue at all. I've also had previous leadership skills from being a Year 5 school council representative. I would be delighted to be picked for your captain. I also am very responsible and humorous so I won't bite!

Thank you! :)

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